WHY Floors European hardwood?



Our history and dedication to the flooring industry began in Beirut, Lebanon where the Jamail family started in the world of wood with a small flooring gallery. It is here that our passion for quality, sustainable flooring began. More than three decades later, our flooring gallery has become one of Texas’ most respected wood retailers. 

Our sales director, Joey Jamail belongs to this fourth generation of flooring experts. Following not only in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Joey followed his passion when he founded FLOORS in 2015 in the United States. His mission was to promote high-end sustainable flooring solutions while delivering peerless products to his clientele. 

At FLOORS flooring is in our DNA. Every stage of the production process is rigorously designed to deliver the finest product to you. Our goal is to revolutionize the flooring industry, providing our customers with a luxury experience driven by state-of-the-art solutions and continuous innovations. 

Partnering with RIVA Spain was a no-brainer as our values and mission for quality sustainable hardwood flooring perfectly align. We proudly bring you luxurious European white oak floors that will certainly elevate your space, while minimizing the impact made on the earth. 

Joey Jamail Sales Director
Modern Design Wood Flooring


Create high-end flooring solutions, delivering peerless design and
Revolutionize Hardwood Flooring


Revolutionize hardwood flooring, providing our clientele a luxury
experience, driven by innovative solutions and the highest quality

We Care About

Wood is a noble material, full of life from which we are continuously learning. As a
result, we have developed five collections of engineered European floors,
redefining the concept of elegance and style in the most natural way possible.

In RIVA we take care of every detail. Our creations merge with the lifestyles of
those that choose to experience the pleasure of our unique European floors.

Riva Care About the Environment
Sustainability for nature

Sustainability is OUR

Trees grow 1 cm per year, taking an average of 180 years to reach its adulthood. Those who choose RIVA are allowing others to experience the joy of enjoying a lifetime product. A unique piece of art that will be part of your life.

Loving wood as we do, we respect the environment on every step of our
production process, and we are certified with the strictest environmental
standards. The quality of our products depends on the optimization of forest
resources, this is why our raw materials are selected and chosen by experts.

RIVA is firmly committed with the environment and the ethical and efficient management of forests. For this reason, all our products are manufactured by a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified factory.