Top Hardwood Flooring
SIZE 10” x 60”

6 Colors

Best Tile Flooring Options


RIVA Tile collection is an exact match in color and width
to our RIVA MAX. Select grade wood in your indoor and
outdoor spaces.

Pearl Wooden Floors
Elegant Tile Flooring for Bathrooms
Logo of Riva Tile Marble
Size 24” x 48“
1 color | Matte and Polished finish
Shiny Tile Options

RIVA Marble will elevate your design to its highest potential. A classy white marble design accented with elegant gold veins.

Riva Tile Stone Logo
Size 24” x 48“

4 color | All-in-One finish

Best Tile Collection

RIVA Stone collection stands out for its soothing and classical tones. The All-in-One technology ensures your smooth stone-covered areas remain slip-free as they turn coarse when in contact with water.

Elegant Tiles for your Home
Logo of Riva Tile Cement

Size 36” x 36“

4 color | All-in-One finish
Tile Flooring Ideas
RIVA Cement collection provides modern minimalism to your residential and commercial projects. Highly resistant, it is a versatile solution for any indoor or outdoor space thanks to its innovative All-in-One technology that will turn the soft surface into coarse as it encounters water.
Modern Tile Collection

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